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Create a ride, Support for kml files
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Feedback from Carlos Rodriguez (ES, 100 dias en bici), it would good to have support for kml since extension from Google map creation.

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We already have GPSBabel installed on server (to convert GPX routes to GPX tracks), which does support reading KML too. It should be easy to modify code and allow KML files, and convert them to GPX format with GPSBabel.

@jose Would you create a new line for the "Method to set route" field:

Upload a KML file with my route

Or modify the existing line for GPX so that it includes KML too, and to what new text ?

Upload a GPX or KML file with my route
Subir un fichero GPX o KML con mi ruta
Transférer le fichier GPX ou KML de mon parcours

Il y a des autres po.files qui il faudrait modifier de la meme facon à l'occasion.

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