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Draw my route: Allow setting intermediate points before setting end point
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Two feedback from Victor Manuel (uystz) Netherlands 22/0172017.

A) Add intermediate points on map

ACTUAL: during ride creation, using map, after selecting the starting point, it's not possible to add an intermediate point before selecting the ending point.

EXPECTED: Be able to select first the starting point, then the intermediate point(s) and then the ending.

B) remove intermediate points
ACTUAL: Its not possible to delete the start/ending point of a route

unless an intermediate has been defined

EXPECTED: Be able to delete the points.

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A) EXPECTED: When you have defined start + intermediate point(s) but no end point yet, would you already draw a line from start through intermediate, or do this only once the end point is added ?

And if you draw the line (first option), and submit ride without defining the end point, would you throw an error (for missing end point), or take the currently visible line (with last intermediate point as end point) as the ride route ?

Yes, you are right. The line should be drawn only when the end point is added. Without end point, an error message should be added.

Please select the end point of the route.
Por favor, selecciona el punto final de la ruta.

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